Claude, you said he [Michael Raffl]  was very unique. Can you elaborate on that? 


shout out to my boys THE CANUCKS for all being boring married dads so i don’t have to worry about them doing gross drunk stuff in public because they’re too busy trying to make their spawn eat vegetables




Chris Tanev, after I told him my name ends with a “y”

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it’s the little things


Here’s Smitty, my favorite player of Melbourne Ice to shoot. Gonna miss this legend next season. Such a character and super nice man! #freejeffsmith because he’s always in the penalty box, MI fans are the bomb haha. I also met him today and made him sign my phone for shits and giggles haha!



u alright?

shea weber’s slapshot claims another victim


Posing naked with your hockey trophy is very Australian (Photo)

The Melbourne Mustangs of the Australian Ice Hockey League captured the Goodall Cup over their archrivals the Melbourne Ice on Sunday, the first title in franchise history. 

The celebration was expectedly raucous, the combination of championship elation and Australian birthright. There was booze, laughter, an ice bucket challenge and one of the more, ahem, stimulating postgame images we’ve seen from the Mustangs’ locker room.

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for modanos


Seriously what the hell is going on at the NHLPA Rookie Showcase?